Real Women Who Buy Jewelry From The Brand

2-1Also in vogue as brand ambassadors are ‘real women’ who buy jewelry from the brand, who have first-hand experience of dealing with the company and using its products. Real people from the real world promoting a pure and beautiful jewelry line is something that will have an incredible effect on the viewers. At least, more than any renowned face blurting out parroted lines written by an advertiser or dialogue writer. While earlier, elegance, appearance and beauty were the only traits needed to endorse fashion jewelry, today it is your ability to communicate strongly and the ability to reach a wider audience base that is of equal importance. Thanks to social media, fashion brands today need not spend a fortune on advertising and marketing. The trick is to just make your presence felt in this domain and watch your profits spiral like never before!

KeyChainQuirky rings for the tradition-defying bride is the best bet! This unique style with colourful gemstones is another of the irresistible option for the off-beat bride. These out-of-ordinary engagement rings are not just stunning to look at but also reflect the wearer’s personality and style. So whether its blingy, quirky or minimalistic, take the unconventional route on your D-day and grab all the attention you deserve.

Brooches make for an exciting fashion accessory that can be worn in multiple ways that are out of the ordinary. Apart from putting it on your shoulders, it can also be used on the waist to bedazzle a plain dress. For dresses with a low v-cut at the back, a brooch can be the perfect fashion jewelry to accentuate the V and make you the highlight of the soiree.


With wedding dresses with a low-high hemline or with shorter dresses, anklets go really well. So how do you think would a bracelet look on your ankles? We think it would look just awesome! Follow these smart and twisty suggestions and make a completely unique and refreshing fashion statement at your wedding day. Visit us!

Princess-inspired Rings for your Fairy-Tale Engagement

GM2Jewelry businesses have always sought inspiration from varied sources. From runway trends to the celebrities, there are various sources that provide inspiration to the jewelry businesses and customers, and amongst them it is the royalty that tops the list. Engagement of princesses’ with their prince charming is quite an exceptional event and making it even more special are the engagement rings that bind them to each other for a lifetime. Drawing inspiration from the 10 iconic Disney princesses is the latest collection of engagement rings that are exquisite enough to match the royalty. Incorporating colourful gemstones and diamonds, this collection of rings will sway you off your feet!

KeyChainNot just epical, even real-life princesses like Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge are fashion icons that have inspired women around the globe. Their sophisticated jewelry style is considered to be an inspiration that has initiated a global frenzy. Each Disney princess is associated with an epical love story and excusive engagement rings have been hand crafted to fit these glorifying fairytales. Each of these engagement rings even come in the fashion jewelry markets with a personalized message that captures the entire essence of these fabulous tales.

Snow white for instance, with her ebony hair and red lips brings to life the classic ruby ring surrounded by yellow and blue sapphires. Cinderella, first released in 1950, is a princess that embodies admirable traits like generosity, patience and intelligence. This is reflected in an engagement ring with a blue topaz at the centre surrounded by aquamarine gemstones.

Valentine Charms


Aurora of the sleeping beauty fame is the epitome of a hopeless romantic who is known for her shy and kind nature. Her golden hair is reflected in the golden band at the centre of which sits a pretty pink tourmaline. Ariel the sea princess is another of the Disney princesses who lives in the under-water kingdom. Perfectly resembling this unique character is a fashion jewelry ring with a ruby at the centre which is serenaded by emeralds that go down till the band.

Rules to Follow Before Starting Engagement Ring Shopping

Zeroing in on an engagement ring is the most important decision to make when shopping for wedding jewelry. An engagement ring signifies your lifelong commitment to your would-be-life partner and hence it must be as glittering and astonishing as your love! Since as long as we can remember, diamonds have been the preferred stone to be used in all engagement and wedding rings.


Diamonds signify love like no other stone and hence diamond rings are considered the best accessory when couples decide to pledge “I do!”

The 4 c’s to be considered when opting for diamond jewelry include cut, color, clarity and carat. Even before these, the most important thing is the shape that your future life partner would love to adorn. The actual shape of the diamond is different from the cut which refers to the angles in a stone’s facet. Second to it comes the stone setting which is the metal framework in which your stone is set.


The right combination of stone shape and setting sets the tone for that perfect diamond engagement ring. While a round stone in a bezel setting looks quite ravishing, a trendy oval can be made more traditional with a four-prong setting.


Most couples today love to do engagement ring shopping together, but in case you’re looking to add a surprising element by shopping for engagement ring alone, make sure you do some research on what your future fiancee is likely to love.

Silver Jewelry – Personalized Gift For Special One

You surely know your life partner thoroughly; still getting the perfect gifts idea for her on your anniversary can prove to be the most difficult task! However, there is one gift where you can never go wrong. Yes, it’s the diamonds! An elegant diamond bracelet would be ideal to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to her personality. A chunky gold cuff is another jewelry item that would add variety to her collection and make her stand out in any gathering. For gifting your husband, diamond cuff links prove to be quite classy! A bracelet with his birthstone too would be great as it not only gives him something to flash on his wrists but is also a personalized gift he would cherish for a long time to come. Personalise the jewelry you want to gift him for a heartfelt experience that is sure to stay with him forever!

silver jewelry gift

Now that you know what to store, what to discard and what to buy, it is time to reorganize! The most difficult part is letting go of your old favourites to make space for new and once you’re done with that, you are all set to have a complete new and revamped jewelry collection. Enjoy!

In this segment too, it is the celebrities across the world that are the driving force behind this movement. From pop stars like Beyonce to the Kate Middleton the royalty, everyone is seen flashing colored gemstones jewelry with panache. The forward thinking and fashion conscious women of today are taking up this trend with gusto, as it reflects their uniqueness and zest for life. Elegant, bold or regal, women are making their own style statements today by adorning colored gemstones.

Thinking of gifting a fascinating piece of fashion jewelry to your daughter on her birthday? Stud earrings encrusted with shiny diamonds is something that she will cherish and wear for her lifetime! Diamond is surely a girl’s best friend and is one stone that goes well with almost all ensembles. A bracelet decorated with her birthstone would add a personal touch to your gift and would definitely touch her heart!

Popular Styles of Bracelets

charms braceletA right bracelet can add more charm and style to a person, enhancing overall appearance one step better. It has noticed that most of the people wear bracelets as a fashionable jewelry accessory. It can be carry with any style i.e. formal or informal and subtle or extravagant. Moreover, when it comes to gift a bracelet to your loved ones, it reflects a perfect blend of love, affection and friendship. It can be a perfect gift on special days such as – birthday, anniversary or mother’s day. But before buying any bracelet, you need to have a fair knowledge of latest styles that creating a lot of buzz among the women.

Looking at the present market, there are a number of styles available in your desired material. Some of the leading styles of bracelets that quite popular among the women are bangles, diamond bracelet, charm bracelets, gemstone bracelets and beaded bracelets. Bracelets in these styles vary from simple yet elegant designs to sophisticated detailing. Let’s discuss leading styles in detail:


  • Gemstone Bracelets: These kinds of bracelets are quite popular among the youth as they offer a splash of colors. Gemstone bracelets are available in wide range from amethyst to diamonds. One can go for single gemstone bracelet or a tennis bracelet (a link-style bracelet of stones).
  • Bangles: Made with different materials such as wood, plastic, metal and glass, bangles are available in many styles including a simple yet elegant band and embedded with stones & gems. These are also available in many colors giving a wide option to buyers to choose their bangles in desired colors.
  • Beaded Bracelets: Made with a thin film of metal merged to the surface of the glass, beads are generally considered as high-end jewelry items. It is available in simple yet sophisticated designs that usually found in art studios.
  • Charm Bracelets: These are those sorts of bracelets to whom one can add a personal touch. Generally, these bracelets are available in chain-style ranging from a simple stone or engraved shape to an array of stones.

So before buying any bracelet, it is always a good option to explore all new styles in the market.

Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day

B14018ZA0February 14th aka VALENTINE’S DAY is day! You need to get your significant other a special gift, but last minute shopping does not allow you to pass by with just flowers and chocolates. You need something really special, so why not fashion jewelry?

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a classic for a reason; all girls love it. Whether shopping for your girlfriend, date, wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandma, or even yourself, fashion jewelry is a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day.

Shop Bijou has a wide arrangement of items to choose from, including fashion necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and accessories. Check out the lovely options we have set aside for this most romantic of occasions.

Valentine Charms

It is every boyfriend’s goal to treat his special lady like a princess (or at least it should be!) all year long, but especially on V-Day. Well now you can make her feel like royalty with this Princess Fancy CZ Ruby Pear Drop Necklace. Look at the pear-shaped gems that adorn this incredible fashion necklace and the cubic zirconia lined band of the red jewelry.

If your significant other decided to use this romantic day to pop the question, check out our collection of bridal jewelry.

Beautiful zodiac charms

People all around the world are fascinated by the zodiac and what each of the zodiac signs represent, especially in relation to their own date of birth. Many individuals also like to wear jewelry, that is intimately personal to them and related in some way to their personality. One way that this is achieved is by wearing an intricate zodiac charm. Glamulet make beautifully ornate zodiac charms sets, that allow you to express yourself and your true personality though the use of the zodiac sign and associated birth stone.

Each individual bead is made from a sterling silver strap and a gold plated bead, onto which the zodiac sign is etched. Each charm also has two engraved hearts into which three crystals are delicately placed. These crystals are in the color of the associated birthstone. This makes the charm truly original.

Another advantage to wearing this zodiac charm is that it is a rolling bead, meaning that the charm has free movement when placed onto a bracelet. Wearing a rolling bead is extremely advantageous, as it is believed that in ancient mythology, that a woman who wore a rolling bead was granted eternal good luck.

When you receive your Glamulet zodiac charm, it is presented in a beautiful presentation box, with the charm and bracelet, if bought together, nestled into soft black velvet. This is also the perfect box in which to store your charm when not being worn.

If you are wanting to buy a bracelet to go with your zodiac charm, then Glamulet do have a wide range of bracelet options available. All of their zodiac charms can be worn with their own brand of bracelet, or alternatively they can also be worn with any other brand of bracelet including Pandora and Agatha. The choice of bracelet includes those made from sterling silver, leather, and also a bangle type bracelet. Whatever bracelet design is chosen, the zodiac charm will sit perfectly on it.

What many people also like about Glamulet’s zodiac charms, is that they are less expensive than other fashion brands, such as Pandora, but still retain their high quality values. Therefore individuals can save money, but are still able to have a truly unique and special gift.

These popular and unique gifts are perfect for Christmas, birthdays or simply to say ‘I love you.’ Every woman loves to receive jewelry, and these beautifully decorated and elaborate zodiac charms are guaranteed to make her smile.